• Image of Every Domestique Sticker
  • Image of Every Domestique Sticker

What’s that saying? Every Dog Has His Day?
I never really understood that one, because if you’re our dog, you get treated like a prince every day!
But when I hear “EVERY DOMESTIQUE HAS THEIR DAY” Well then I understand.
You work for your team leader day in and day out. It’s a bit of a thankless job, I mean I’m sure you get thanked, maybe you score a Rolex if your boss wins the Tour de France. But for the most part, it’s bidon deliveries and on bike pee support.
But then, one day, the stars align, Jupiter is in line with Uranus, etc...you find yourself in a breakaway and you’re strong because you’ve been pushing your boss around the roads of Europe while he takes a pee.
Yes! You won, you Domestique!! You finally got your day. Congratulations, have a sticker.

2 x 8.5 inches, printed on kinda sturdy outdoor proof vinyl stuff.